Roar Drawing is exactly that, it’s Life Drawing in it’s RAW form.  No bells and whistles.  No trying to be anything but inspired, by the experienced artists, and gratefully welcomed by the novices. 

It’s an open forum like no other, where you’ll be supported by facilitator Amanda Schunker to take as much or as little on board as you like.  This ain’t no stuffy classroom, it’s a spacious, well lit venue, there’s music so it’s safe to breath, tables and easels and even $5 wine!  A welcoming place that feeds creativity.

We all have some creative energy just waiting to be unleashed. It’s time to be part of Melbourne’s best kept secret.  It’s time to ROAR!

‘Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.’

Gustave Flaubert

Due to APC art show etc please note changes in dates to RD life drawing sessions

(18th October NO SESSION)


(1st November NO SESSION)


Albert Park College (old Circus Oz bld)

40 Bay st, Port Melbourne

(Enter cnr Rouse st & Post Office Pl).

Follow us on fb & instagram for details and inspiration

$20 per class

Bring any materials you choose to use ie butchers paper, cartridge paper, charcoal, ink, acrylics, pastels etc.

Charcoal and butchers paper available for purchase at class.

Bookings not required.